Why Women Have More Body Weight & Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

Why Women Have More Body Weight & Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?
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If you are obsessed with good fitness goals or facing any challenge with regards to overweight issues then you must be quite aware of health-related terms. If not then, there is an utmost need for you to know a bit about weight loss management for an ideal healthy life. At some point, you must have observed or heard that women find it harder to lose weight faster as compared to their male counterparts. There are many instances as proof that you might have experienced in men losing fat faster whereas the same case is not with women.

Anywhere you see men and women involved in tasks such as gym, doing cardio or any physical activity, the one thing you will get to see is man losing weight faster. The question that must be striking down in your mind is why is it so? When both men and women start the workout at the same time so why there is a variation when results come out?

It is a good habit to inculcate good exercise regimen in your daily routine and reduce calorie intake to lose a substantial amount of excess fat or weight. Within a couple of months, a good result of weight loss is expected by following the same routine continuously. But despite being involved perpetually in workouts, gym, and other activities, women’s best efforts seem to be failing at times. You must be wondering why?

It is always seen that men have easier time losing weight than women. So, the question is, is it easier for men when it comes to shedding off the weight? “Yes, it is” to some extent! A woman is always found embroiled in dealing with weight loss goals and fails to ward off fat easily.

The reasons why things don’t work out the way women plan is linked to their lifestyle and natural reasons:

  1. Body fat is more in women’s body naturally- One of the biggest reasons for not getting rid of excess fat easily is having naturally body fat in a female body. Whereas in the case of men, they have more muscle. Due to female physiology, the estrogen “an important hormone” increases the amount of fat in women body. But it should not be at a high level or else you are vulnerable to high medical conditions. It basically plays a role in the reproductive system and menstrual cycle. It also helps in boosting libido and makes female body childbearing during birth.
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Simply speaking, women naturally have 11 per cent more body than males. You can find 6 to 11 per cent fat in fit women as compared to male counterparts because of fat stores. Little fat should always be there in the body, without that health and wellness cannot be maintained. Women can be found developing the female athletic triad after a certain point which is characterized by disordered eating habits, amenorrhea, and weekend bones. So, this is the key reason of women’s being fat that they fail to attain the slim body faster than men.

  1. Muscle development is more in male body- Men naturally have more muscle mass than women. The reason for this can be the change in female hormones due to reproduction. Men are found with more lean body mass as compared to women, especially in the upper body. As per one of the studies, men naturally have 10-15 percent more muscle than women.

The reason being is muscle has the potential to burn calories faster than fat and metabolism is also one of the factors that men’s body experience faster than women about 5-10%. Boys begin to produce more testosterone during puberty than girls and with time, they start experiencing rapid fat-burning capabilities.

Testosterone is a prime and powerful hormone of our body; testosterone helps in increasing the lean body mass and protein synthesis followed by increasing the sluggish metabolic rate. “So, this concludes that men carry more potential to burn calories all day.” Another research revealed from the University of Australia that the dominant hormone in females’ body reduces women’s energy burn after taking a meal.

  1. Men lose weight faster in the beginning– When it comes to men; lots of factors are involved as to why men lose weight faster than women. Due to the speedy metabolism, agility, and confidence men reaches to ideal and healthy body goals easily in the beginning with a rigorous exercise regimen. Healthy workouts and food is a plus that speeds up the male fat burning process exponentially in the starting phase. 

Same is not the case with women but there is nothing to worry about it. Men tend to lose weight faster at the beginning of the first few months faster due to the biological advantages but women take time but do catch up eventually.

As per the study of the united kingdom, some overweight people both men and women were asked to follow a diet program that comprised weight watchers, Atkins, Rosemary Conley and fitness plan, and slim fast diet for 2-6 months. The results were inclined to men’s side and they lost twice the amount of women in the first three months but by the end of six months, the results of weight loss were equal in both genders.

  1. Sugar craving habit in women- Menstrual cycle brings a lot of change in women’s body and one of the apparent changes that take place is craving for the sugar. Low levels of nutrients, hormones change, and changes in blood glucose are the prime reasons that create a desire for sugar in women. When the menstrual cycle comes to an end, the period begins which means progesterone and estrogen levels spike causing an increase in appetite. After cortisol releases, the body starts to struggle in regulating blood sugar. And as these stress hormones go up, craving for comfort food arises such as sweet, salty, and fatty carbohydrates. Moreover, other aspects are responsible for this that trigger the craving for sugar such as vitamin B12, lack of nutrients, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, and magnesium.

Research from Brookhaven National Laboratory has put a light on men and women’s craving for food like pizza and cake. Men have the ability to cut down on his craving of the food items that they smell but as for women, they find it hard to switch off their craving easily once they get fixated on their favourite food items. Women have this weird ability to think about something else as well while getting engaged with eatables. The reason of this fixation is still to be resolved but researchers believe that women gorge on the food immediately the moment their eye fall on that, because women have to support pregnancies also.

  1. Men have different ways of holding body fat- Comparatively and naturally, men carry an ability to lose weight faster around the belly than women. This is the reason men lose weight rapidly if compared to women. However, most of the women are found to be having a less abdominal weight which is natural so, when it comes to losing weight, you always feel that you are losing less than women, which is not actually the case. The other factor that comes to picture is the reason of the distribution of fat in the male and female body; it differs as per the body structure. Naturally, women tend to gain weight around the thighs and hips creating the pear shape whereas men are found having more weight around the abdominal region.


From a genetic perspective, men carry muscles instead of gaining fat; their hormone is one of the underlying reasons or advantages pertaining to this. But this doesn’t conclude that they are superior in shedding off weight. The one area wherein women can have an edge over men is by boosting their metabolism through rigorous training sessions, eating hygienic, and other engaging activities. Once you maintain a proper routine of weight loss program and weight management strategies, it becomes a lifestyle for you in no time. You stick to the routine for further results and make it a point of sustaining it for the long-run.

The above-shared tips will prove to be beneficial for those wanting to know the reason of losing or gaining weight. How men and women go through different body transformations. For more updates on health topics, check our regular updates on Mashable Web blog.

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