Weight Loss After Pregnancy: How to Achieve This Goal?

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: How to Achieve This Goal?
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Weight loss after pregnancy has become a gossip topic among women in recent times. The less availability of informative resources regarding the pregnancy was the reason as to why most women during retrospective era fail to lose weight early. Today through digital medium and awareness, women have become active and keeping their engagement high in everything. They are more into finding solutions that could help them get closer to weight loss goals quickly post pregnancy.

The news of pregnancy is making headlines in news channel, magazine covers, chat shows, and so on. In this fast-paced life, dependencies on processed foods have largely increased which have affected health to a large extent. Talking about pregnancy, it gets affected even more by these outside eatables which lead to obesity or weight gain problems.

As per the study by gynaecology & obstetrics, most of the moms were not able to lose weight even after one year of giving birth. Researchers have come up with data done on 774 new mothers; they found out that 75 percent women are still carrying the excess weight in their body after one year of giving birth. About 75 percent of women were found retaining 10 pounds weight during one year while the remaining 25 percent retained 20 pounds or more than that.

Weight loss after pregnancy
Weight loss after pregnancy

As per pre-pregnancy BMI done on some women, one-third of the women were overweight after one year of childbirth. This simply concludes that pregnancy largely contributed to obesity. The reason behind women gaining so much weight is because of their involvement in too much food eating. It is making it difficult for them to lose weight easily. A women’s body needs at least 300 to 400 calories a day, not more than a day. But most of the women gorge of foods easily due to their habits.

As per the BMI range, the normal pounds that women carry after pregnancy is 25 to 35. If any women seem to have more weight than what is recommended then, of course, there is a strong reason to feel the pressure of extra weight. Not all women have celebrity trainer to take help and guidance from and have anything else healthier to consume more than just juice.

There is lots of advice pouring in from everyone. But pregnant women should themselves make a decision of not snacking on too many eatables and focus on not gaining excess weight during pregnancy. But based on the advice and views of fitness experts, we are sharing some of the tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

Here’s our solution for women who put on extra kilos so that they don’t have to be stuck in these overweight problems. The advices given on pregnancy weight loss are from those experts (who also happen to be mothers) who themselves have experienced it and found out reasons to control it and retain an average weight after pregnancy.


  1. Start with slow walking

 Though it is much tougher for pregnant women to take out time for fitness and walking but as you prepare your mind to get into aerobic activities such as muscle strengthening and brisk walking, you can have healthy result post-delivery without any bodily problems.

New mother hardly gets time to engage in such activities so you can break your workouts timing and divide it into increments. Exercises will help your body stay flexible and can even improve your waistline that develops during the time of pregnancy. Even If you entail these walking activities before the delivery of a child, you are expected to have a safer delivery followed by improving your well-being.

As per the report by a gynaecologist, prenatal exercise wards off the risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes and improves your mental health. As per Dr. Kelly Jones, you need to wait for at least two weeks after the delivery before starting any form of exercises. It is imperative to take doctor’s recommendations before getting into any rigorous workout training.

In the beginning, it is a smart decision to go with normal walking and spend around 10 to 15 minutes of time which is enough for the body. You can add stretching and rolling in the activities but remember you are in the phase of healing after delivery. It takes time to get used to your normal life so, no need to take any hard decision.


  1. Planning is necessary

For most of the women, it is easy to shed off weight easily depending on the functionality of their body but mostly it is not the case with everyone. Losing body weight easily doesn’t happen overnight, it takes lots of time, energy and most importantly planning.

To reach your target of normal body shape, taking help from health care provider will be a plus as you may be instructed to follow a formalized diet that comprises Jenny Craig or weight watchers or change in the eating habits. Doing some sort of adjustment in lifestyles will eventually work for you. The key to getting back to normal shape is to stick to the strategy and planning you make for weight loss.


  1. Avoid cardio for some time-

Extra weight is a big hurdle in the way of daily chores and doing away with it is not that simple. This is the reason most of the women look for instant ways and make up their mind to go with dynamic cardio exercise to lose baby weight which is no way a correct method.  Just 20 minutes session three to four times a week is enough to hit the target but need to be followed consecutively for three to four months.

Keep it simple to indulge yourself in normal exercise activity without stretching the body. A little engagement for some minutes is enough to keep the body flexible and active that prevents fat from storing in the body and minimizes its development.


  1. Take deep breathing during pregnancy

Though all the above-mentioned information is mandatory to follow but this one is the most critical part that you need to adopt and follow profoundly post-pregnancy. As per one of the physical therapists, breathing seems to be a simple task but when a woman is pregnant the baby inside pushes up and out on the diaphragm. It is the main muscle involved in breathing.

The procedure usually makes most of the women vulnerable and puts them into a shallow breathing situation that makes the recovery take a little longer. The process flattens out the diaphragm and shrugs off the process of maintaining its dome-like shape. The situation gets tougher for the diaphragm to contract. Since the pelvic floor and diaphragm work together for breathing, decreasing the functioning of the natural diaphragm and lowering the function of a pelvic function.

To experience the situation better, better to stand in front of the mirror and take a deep inhale, you will come to know which way air is going. If it is going to your abdomen and chest then, you are going great with what you are doing. But if gets blocked around or in your neck and shoulders (no movement in chest and abs), then start its practice even better and take deep breathing for at least two minutes twice a day. Within a couple of days, you will feel better in breathing as well.

5. Breastfeeding

As per the study, women who breastfed their child for about six months or longer were found to have less retained pregnancy weight gain after one year of postpartum. Breastfeeding helps a child in developing and gives him ample health benefits. But many women are unaware of the fact that breastfeeding can help them too in many ways. As per Dr. Endres, the activity helps lose a significant amount of weight due to loss of lots of calories. In addition to this, it also reduces the risk of postpartum depression and puts a curb on blood loss after childbirth.



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