5 digital marketing trends you cannot ignore any more in 2019

5 digital marketing trends you cannot ignore any more in 2019
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If you are web-savvy, you must be curious to know what new has come in the digital marketing trends. Well!  you are going to avail plenty of benefits in your digital marketing journey as you will be able to speed up the digital platform more efficiently with new updates. 2019 has a lot to offer you, digital marketing is a plethora of web that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and all these domains are now making a dramatic shift now. There was a time when you could’ve or might have dismissed visual search or artificial intelligence from the latest blockbuster science fiction film, but gone are those days.

You will now come across many digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in this fast-paced, Internet-connected, high-tech era, and businesses to make use of it to get success of their efforts because what worked at that time may not turn out to be useful now. You need to bring in some changes to get a breakthrough in your digital marketing journey.

Let broadly understand the key digital marketing trends in 2019

1) SEO A/B Split Testing

The current market is going through testing and making changes in businesses to highlight the key areas. Which is why we are bringing the SEO A/B split testing on top of our list for 2019?

Search engine optimization A/B split testing — as in seen in all split testing; this allows you to put aside the variables increasing traffic so you can opt for a targeted approach to content changes.

There are platforms life clickflow that suggest pages with untapped SEO potential — a high-impression count but low click-through rate (CTR) — improvements though can be made to increase the traffic and clicks.

Clickflow allows you to choose your target CTR increase, then it serves up pages with a keyword report that lists what is ranking of the page and which keywords will have the potential to get more traffic.

digital marketing trends

Inside the app, you can change anything from title, title tag, meta description, and body content, which are reflected on your site automatically:

Run the experiment for about 15 days and Clickflow will reflect how many more clicks you’re receiving, also the revenue you are getting with click increases.

SEO A/B split testing takes the most SEO stuff out of your site and gives you insight in the form of variables that move the needle.


2) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will rule over the world in coming time or you can say is ruling currently, it is making jobs simpler by minimizing the time and efforts simultaneously!

AI is helpful in many aspects from analyzing consumer behaviour, search patterns, blog posts, to utilizing data from social media platforms to give businesses a good understanding and support of how customers and users find their products and services. For example, Facebook messenger bots can help you optimize and automate your customer service.

digital marketing trends
Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is also helpful for information and tips that it gives to users by getting into conversations. According to Gartner, 25% of customer service will get engaged with and use chatbot technology by 2020, up from less than 2% in 2017.

Businesses adopting AI in 2019 will find ways in future to save costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over competitors.


3) Programmatic Advertising

Artificial intelligence is used to automate ad buying in programmatic advertising so you have the option to target more specific audiences. Real-time bidding or auctions, for example, is a type of programmatic ad buying. This automation is much more fast, reliable, and efficient, which means higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

The face of digital marketing is changing so rapidly that according to eMarketer, there is a possibility that 90% of digital display ads in the U.S. will be programmatic by 2020.

4) Chatbots

Chatbots has been and will continue to be the main part of digital marketing in 2019.

The use of instant messaging in AI-based technology to chat in real-time is a brilliant option with your customers or site visitors, day or night.  With 1.4 billion people are using and interacting with chatbots, 80% of savvy businesses are already engaged or planning to use chatbots by 2020. And by 2022, chatbots will turn out to be most effective to help businesses save over $8 billion per annum, especially in the banking and healthcare industries.

digital marketing trends

Many customers use chatbots for interaction as they are responsive, accurately recall your entire buying history, fast, give answers promptly, and keep the patience. These virtual assistants are known for their outstanding customer service, meeting customers’ expectations and automating repetitive tasks uninterruptedly – which mean you have enough time to focus on more important work.

Uber uses chatbot technology for better communication with customers, making it easy for them to hire the car on Facebook Messenger, via Google Maps. Passengers with the help of menu can choose the type of ride, make a request, track the car location, send friends the estimate arrival time, and even make payment easily.

5) Video Marketing

Video marketing has an influential role in the digital marketing and the below-mentioned numbers shows how important it is to incorporate video into the digital strategy in 2019:

  • 70% of consumers confirmed to have shared the brand’s video.
  • 72% of businesses say the conversion rate has improved with the help of video.
  • 52% of consumers say product videos are helpful in building confidence while making online purchase decisions.
  • 65% of executives admitted to have visited the marketer’s website and 39% called a vendor after viewing a video.

Only YouTube isn’t a platform to reach the maximum audience, you can make a video or start a live broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to witness high engagement with your video.

Live video is gaining lots of popularity these days, with a large number of businesses involved in the same such as using it for product presentation or interviews, a glimpse of events, the procedure of product making and any presentation in the office.

The increasing high-quality smartphone cameras and the decreasing cost of film equipment, the businesses and marketers are using personalized video messages instead of phone calls or emails, which is called the 1:1 approach.

Most of the videos nowadays including YouTube are displayed in the SERPs, so video SEO is becoming very popular and important for the businesses – like using text overlays and closed captions are also helping video getting more traffic, in addition to your title, description, and title.

The trend of 360-degree video content is high in demand nowadays that allows more interactive experience. You can start sliding the image and move image left or right using a circular symbol in the top left corner, wherever you want to move the image.

And 360-degree video content, which allows for a more interactive experience, is on the rise – just look for the circular symbol in the top left corner, start sliding the image left or right as you can see in the picture

Digital Marketing Trends
360-degree video

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