4 Reasons of Hair Loss And How It Can Be Stopped?

4 Reasons of Hair Loss And How It Can Be Stopped?
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Hair loss is common among every one nowadays. But when it comes to women, it was found that the average loss of hair per day that every woman faces is around 100 strands. Definitely, the fact must have left you thoughtless as to how this could be possible. But that is true. Maybe it might comfort some of you that you are not alone on the list because hair loss is common for every man and woman.

Splurging on lifestyle is what puts women often in trouble with regards to hair loss. Some women are born with curly hair that gets tangled while rinsing, as a result, they face huge hair fall, while some women face natural hair fall because of blowouts, ponytails, and brushing.

We all go through lots of hair fall but if more strands are falling out or if you are facing a situation of thinning hair, then it is high time to take a pause and look at things you are using in your daily affairs. First of all start by changing your hair habits and look at the health aspects you are missing out on. May be hair is lacking essential protein or some hidden causes might be responsible that you have no idea of.

Hair loss causes can be attributed to anything from hormones to medications, genetics, or over-styling. On the other hand, hair is exposed to sun and other elements of weather like rain, storm, and humidity they are also responsible for damaging. A quick idea you can have of how much average hair fall per day you are facing is by gathering 50 strands between your fingers.

hair loss
A picture depicting hair loss of a woman

The experts of health industry say, around 5-8 strands of hair per day should fall out which is common. Anything in excess means you are losing more than normal hair fall, but it is definitely a question of worry as it can be more detrimental to your health. You need to be aware of the reasons that are causing so much hair fall. This will result in more hair fall. Our density of hair is linked to our overall health, our daily eating habits, and inherited genetics.

What causes hair loss?

  1. Our Genetics traits

Our genetics are responsible for our looks, health and hair baldness. But at times we don’t feel blessed for what we are born with, even if it shows a sign of our lineage. Hereditary pattern baldness is common in male pattern baldness. Androgens found in male hormones are considered important functions that regulate hair growth also. It is true that men undergo bad hair loss as compared to women.

Women do face hair fall but usually thinning or little loss of hair occurs at the crown of women’s head. When hairline of men starts receding, the forehead takes a shape of letter “M”. Such sort of hereditary hair loss is basically seen in both sexes due to genetics and shortening of the hair’s growing phase. Most women start noticing hair thinning as soon as the reduction of hair volume occurs. We inherit Androgenetic alopecia from our ancestral but this can also result when overproduction of androgen takes place.

2. Vitamin and iron deficiencies

The common cause of hair fall in women is because of the lack of iron in the body. Iron deficiencies are faced by most of the women that occur when you have anaemia. Anaemia (a feeling of fatigue) can result in case of low level of red blood cells that create problem in carrying oxygen to the body’s tissues. In case of heavy menstrual bleeding also, women face the problem of iron deficiencies. The iron mineral helps to produce hair cell proteins, if it lacks in your hair, thinning occurs gradually due to which you experience excess hair falls.

Vitamin B is also responsible for hair loss. Vegetarians and vegans face mostly hair loss problems as B12 is obtained through animal proteins. Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of red blood cells and can make you feel low if there is a deficiency. To solve the dilemma, Vitamin A should be in sufficient quantity in your blood cells that help grow hair faster. But when it is overused, your hair reaches to fall out point faster than it naturally does. So avoid taking excess Vitamin A, balanced diet gives you enough vitamin A.

3. Hair loss during pregnancy and postpartum

Pregnancy is a period that women enjoy the most as she waits eagerly for the baby to come to this world and make the baby world even happier. But along with childbirth comes some common problems that every woman faces to some extent. Hair loss is one of them, the postpartum hair loss is noticeable during the first six months in women but it is for a temporary period. But this doesn’t occur to every woman nor does it happen in every pregnancy.

The fact behind hair loss is because of higher progesterone and estrogen level hair stronger and thicker at the time of pregnancy. This reason behind this is it keeps hair in an ongoing stage of growth.  After the childbirth, the hormones naturally begin to drop down and all the hair comes to the resting stage. As per experts, after the child’s birth, moms experience hair shedding of around 400 strands per day, but this excess loss of hair slows down with each passing day and stops after reaching six months.

4. Hormone imbalance

There are other additional factors involved that cause hormonal imbalance, only pregnancy is not the reason. Female hormones are a big reason and play a vital role in regulating hair growth. Ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome or menopause are the reason of hormonal imbalance. The health of thyroid plays an important role in impacting the hormones as well as your overall health.

Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are common in men and women, but women develop hypothyroidism three times more as compared to men. But conditions are always different (hypo is known as an underactive thyroid whereas hyper is known as an overactive thyroid) their symptoms are more or less same including thinning hair and hair loss.

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